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Target your mailing company only to real customers with Mailifier

Mailifier Bulk Verification Service
Multi-step algorithm checking email addresses including catch-all domains and MTAs with greylisting in many parallel processes
You can download results as you need - include or exclude categories, customize delimiters and line feeds

Validate your email list with our Bulk Verification Service

Get your mailing list clean and actual with our bulk email verification. Just upload your email list and get full analysis results. Get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable or catch-all emails fast and easy.

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forms widget validation

Catch invalid emails right in your forms

Install our widget on your site and check email addresses in sign-up and subscription forms with our real-time check service. Block misspelled and invalid emails before they get to your list. Ultimate feature to proactively save email list quality and your sender reputation.

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Email Form Validation
Deploy form validation with single script string and it will validate every entered address in email form in realtime mode
Widget will check entered email via Mailifier API and display email status right in form. It can also prevent to submit invalid emails
Single Email Address Verification
Type one or few addresses in form and press button to check emails immediately.
Get structured info about validated emails right in the same page.
Single Email verification

Check single emails in seconds

You can validate few email addresses or check them one by one with our Single Email Address Verifier. Fast, easy, and with detailed results. Enter email and push-button - few second adventures.

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Integrations with your favorite email marketing tools

Check email address validity automatically and get a more efficient workflow. Mailifier provides integrations with many email platforms for seamless data transfer. Import and export your lists with ease and consistently keep them clean.

Didn't find integration with the service you are using? Contact us and we will try to add it to our roadmap

How Mailifier validates your email addresses with maximum accuracy?

Mailifier uses a multi-step algorithm to get the best and most reliable results. Advanced filtering, testing with multiple checkers and greylisting bypass technology - all to get the cleanest email list for you.


Mailifier removes all duplicate contacts in your list for free.


Catch-all domains detection, removing spam traps and disposable emails.


Anti-greylisting technology that helps you to reduce the number of unknowns.

Bounce testing

Testing the email address for bounce without sending an email.

Save your time, money and reputation with our email verification service. Don’t just send emails - deliver them!

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Why is it important and how can you improve your campaign with Mailifier?


Addresses becoming invalid every year


Bounce rate can get you blocked by the ESPs

Minimize risk of mailing account suspension due to high bounces
Save time in cleaning a large amount of email database
Reduce email marketing cost by removing invalid email addresses
Improve email inbox deliverability and ROI of your mailing campaign

We are giving free 1000 validations to every new user to give you a space for testing our service for good.

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