Validate your mailing list with our verification service.

Increase your deliverability rate and get rid invalid emails addresses in your mailing list with our service.

Mailifier Bulk Verification Service

Validate and clean your email list with our Bulk Verification Service

Get your mailing list clean and actual with our bulk email verification. Just upload your email list and you will get full analisys results. Get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable or catch-all emails fast and easy. You can increase your inbox deliverability rate, and save your time and reputation right now!

Single Email Address Verification

Verify emails before they get to your database. We offer you our Single Email Verification solution. Check email addresses in sign-up and subscription forms with or real-time service and get only real customers.

Single Email Address Verification
1 {
2 email: "[email protected]",
3 status: "valid",
4 type: "professional",
5 role_based: true,
6 suggested_correction: ""
7 }

Powerful custom API

Mailifier email verification API allows you to create integrations and add email verification to any part of your software. Run email validation process straight on your web application and get the complete check result with a simple API call.

Great tool to improve your email marketing

Mailing lists degrading over time, it's natural. 20% addresses becoming invalid every year but only ~5% bounce rate can get you blocked by the ESPs.



Mailifier also comes with a de-duplication feature. It removes all records containing duplicate contacts in your list.



Checking for domains that are catch-all, which return valid for all addresses, removing spam traps and cleaning disposable addresses.



Our system deploys the latest anti-greylisting technology that helps you to reduce the number of unknowns.


Bounce testing

Testing the email address and see if it bounces or not, without sending an email. Emails with high bounce rate are not safe to send.

Save your time, money and reputation with our email verification service. Be not just a sender but deliever!

Be not just a sender, be deliever!

  • Reduce risk of mailing account suspension due to high bounces
  • Reduce email marketing cost by removing invalid email ids
  • Save time in cleaning large amount of email database
  • Improve email inbox deliverability and campaign's ROI