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Full-featured email validation service

Mailifier offers you easy and fast email verification. Get detailed and reliable results of deep analisys in easy to understand form. As fast as possible.

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High accuracy
Only multiple
real-time checks
ensures dependable
results. No cached data.
Fast validation
Time is money.
Check email validity
with thousands parallel
validations per minute.
Powerful API
High-end modular API
with many options
and integration support
from our engineers.
Catch-all validation
Algorithms to obtain reliable validation results for catch-all emails such as Yahoo.
Data privacy
Your personal data is protected in ISO 27001 certified data centers with TLS encryption.

Why Mailifier?

Our multi-step verification algorithm allows you to get the most accurate and reliable results. Upload or import your list and get it clean and structured as fast as possible, in multiple formats.

Deduplication Get only unique emails, pay only for real work is done
Disposable check Filter temporary and anonymous emails
Spamtraps removal Doesn’t let you get blacklisted
Catch-all detect Find domains, which return valid for all addresses
Anti-greylisting Grants to you more accurate validation results
Syntax validation Removing addresses with syntax errors from your list
Bounce testing Testing which emails will give a hard bounce

Looking for detailed technical documentation? Or maybe you are wondering what features and integrations we are going to add in future?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I should validate email addresses before starting my email campaign?

There are 2 good reasons why this is necessary. The first reason is the efficiency of your campaign. Sending letters to everyone is like screaming into the void, which you also pay for. The second reason - most of all third party email providers are requiring a bounce rate below 4-5%. If this threshold is exceeded, you can be marked as a spammer by your ESP and blocked.

I've validated my list with your service half year ago. Now it shows different results. Why?

Because email databases degrade by ~16-20% every year. It's natural. The closer the validation is to the start of your campaign, the more relevant its results are.

What makes Mailifier different than competition?

Our main goal is the most accurate and reliable validation results. We use unique multi-step algorithms to achieve the best results. Our system uses multiple parallel checks and performs self-diagnostics every 10 minutes.

How is my personal data protected?

All data transmission is secured through a 256-bit SSL protocol. Your data is encrypted and stored in our storage servers which are located in ISO 27001 certified data centers. Your private data is only yours and accessible by someone with your login credentials. You can check our Privacy Policy

How fast is your service?

It depends on list size and email providers being verified. A separate factor is the bypass of the greylisting system because we cannot influence the delay which set by the MTA. For a list containing mostly Gmail and Hotmail it takes less ~5 min to validate 10,000 email addresses.

And what about refund?

Mailifier provides refund options. Check the Terms of Use and Refund Policy.

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