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Our pricing options

Buy credits in packages to get discount. The more credits, the cheaper it is to check one address. No monthly payment, no upfront fee, credits never expire.

NOTE: The discount percentage is calculated against the base credit price: $ 0.01 per validation.
6 For 1000 verifications 40% OFF
24 For 5000 verifications 52% OFF
39 For 10 000 verifications 61% OFF
75 $89 For 25 000 verifications 75% OFF
149 For 50 000 verifications 72% OFF
249 For 100 000 verifications 72% OFF
449 For 200 000 verifications 80% OFF
1999 For 1000 000 verifications 90% OFF

You can make a purchase from your dashboard.


Unique offers, deals and subscriptions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give free 1000 checks once or every month?

We are giving free 1000 validations to every new user to give you a space for testing our service for good.
Please note that abusing this feature by creating multiple accounts by one person or company violates our Terms of Use and will cause cancellation all free credits in every account except the main one.

Do you have subscriptions?

Yes! We offering different lifetime subscription plans via services like AppSumo, Dealify, etc.
Subscription is really profitable offer if you are going to use our service regularly.

How are credits consuming?

Each email validation via bulk validation, single validation or API/widget are consuming 1 credit. There are 2 ways to buy new credits - buy credit package or subscription. Subscription credits have higer consuming priority than 'solid' credits from packages. So if you have bought credit package and subscription, your validations will consume subscription credits first.

Do I have to pay for a subscription every month?

No. We have no monthly payment or upfront fee. If you want to get lifetime subscription - just buy it once and it will be yours.

Are credit packages have an expiration date?

No, credits never expire. You can buy a package instead of subscription if you are not sure that you will use Mailifier in the near future.

I have already purchased a subscription. How can I activate it?

Go to your dashboard, click 'Buy Credits' at top navbar and type your coupon code into Coupon Code form. It also works with pormocodes. Some of our deals can be stacked up to 10 to get more credits per month.

Why was my credit card declined?

Yeeks, that is not good. We're using a third-party services to process payments and can't always give a 100% guarantee that they will accept your card. Ask our Support in case of this.

I haven't used all my subscription credits. Will they be saved for the next month?

No. Unused credits will expire and new credits will be added according to your tariff plan.

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